Funeral & Memorial Services

   The funeral directors and staff at Stewart Baxter are experts in creating personalized funerals, memorials, and gatherings to remember, love, and honor your loved one. We will assist your family in planning a funeral or memorial and choosing the options that suit your families needs and your loved ones wishes. From our beautiful buildings, to your church or at another location we are able to prepare a meaningful service to honor your loved one. We will listen to your family and help to arrange a celebration of your loved one's life through whatever means you choose. Click here to learn more about funeral costs.

Pre-Planning & Pre-Funding

   There are many advantages to planning a funeral ahead of time. By pre-planning a funeral, difficult decisions will not have to be made during a time of grieving and stress.  Your wishes can be put into writing to give your family direction when the time for the funeral comes. We offer No-Obligation Pre-planning, it costs nothing to sit down and record your wishes.

   Should I prepay? Many families choose to prepay for their services and there certainly are benefits to doing so.  Make an appointment with us today and find out if this is right for you.

Cremation Simplicity

  Choosing cremation doesn't mean you give up your options.  Cremation Simplicity by Stewart Baxter is a program specifically created for families choosing cremation.  The four affordable packages are easy to understand and all-inclusive, meaning no surprise charges in the end. Choose a package or we can create a custom package for your specific wishes.

Trappist Caskets & Urns

   Stewart Baxter is pleased to offer our families the quality workmanship of the Trappist Caskets. We are the first and only funeral home in Cedar Rapids and Marion to offer these products. Click here to learn more about these special products.

Veteran's Benefits

We will help you secure your potential veterans benefits, such as burial flags, government markers, memorial certificate and a burial plot. Please have the veteran's discharge papers ready to give the funeral director.  This form is commonly referred to as the DD214 form.  See our Resources page for links to Veteran's Affairs

Social Security

Your funeral director will notify Social Security when a death has occurred and provide you with information for contacting the local Social Security office.  Please see our Resources page for more information.

Death Certificates

The death certificate is prepared by the funeral director based on information provided by the family.  The certificate is then forwarded to a doctor for signature and determination of the cause of death.  Once completed, the certificate is filed with the County Recorders office in the county where the death occurred.  This process commonly takes 10-14 business days, but may take longer depending on any investigation into the cause or manner of death.  Certified copies of a death certificate are $15 each.

Linn County Recorder

Johnson County Recorder

Continuing Care

Sometimes the loss of a loved one can be especially painful. We understand that the grieving process does not end with the funeral. We are here not only to help arrange the funeral, but to help families cope with the loss of their loved one. There are a wide variety of grief resources available and we will help to point you in the right direction and begin the healing process.